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Dr Stephen Cole

Obstetrician & Specialist in Maternal-Fetal Medicine



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I am an obstetrician practicing in Melbourne, Victoria. In addition to standard obstetric training, I also have further specialist training, qualifications and experience in caring for women with the highest risk and most complex pregnancies.
So whether you are anticipating a straightforward pregnancy or come into your pregnancy with concerns about important risks, I am able to provide the expert, personalised care you require.

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Your first visit is a very important visit for your pregnancy. It is ideal though not essential that both you and your partner attend this visit.
During this visit we will discuss your helath and your pregnancy in depth, I will ble to answer any and all questions or concerns, what to expect and how to be the most prepared and ready for the amazing journey ahead.
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Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy and Scheduling an Appointment for Ultrasound and Prenatal Care with a High Risk Obstetrician near Brunswick


The only way to be sure whether you're pregnant or not is to take a pregnancy test – but some signs and symptoms can clue you in on the possibility early on. Every woman’s experience with pregnancy is different, and not every woman has the same symptoms of pregnancy – or even from one pregnancy to the next in the same woman. Any of the following symptoms could be caused by something other than pregnancy, but any of them could point to pregnancy, so follow up with a pregnancy test and an obstetrician appointment near Brunswick is warranted.


  • Spotting and cramping. The fertilised egg will attach itself to the uterine wall a few days after conception. This can cause implantation bleeding and cramping, one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. This spotting is often mistaken for the beginning of a woman’s menstrual period, and the cramps are easily mistaken for menstrual cramps.
  • Breast Changes. Very early in pregnancy, as a woman’s hormone levels are rapidly changing, she may notice that her breasts are changing as well. Breasts may become swollen, tender, or tingly; they may feel full, heavy, or painful to the touch. The areola, the area around the nipples, may also become darker.
  • Fatigue. It's normal to feel fatigued during pregnancy, and this can begin very early. Fatigue during pregnancy can have many causes, including hormone changes, lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, and more.
  • Nausea. Nausea, or morning sickness, is one of the better-known symptoms of pregnancy. Not every woman gets it, but the ones that do know that it can strike any time of day. The cause is likely hormone changes, and morning sickness may be exacerbated by certain foods – even the thought or smell of them.
  • Skipped period. Missing a period is the most obvious early sign of pregnancy. It's also the one that prompts most women to take a pregnancy test. However, even this symptom can have other causes, including weight gain or loss, stress, fatigue, or hormonal issues.


Other Possible Early Pregnancy Symptoms


Pregnancy causes significant hormonal changes, and this can lead to numerous symptoms including frequent urination, constipation, headaches, back pain, mood swings, and dizziness or fainting. A pregnant woman may have all of these symptoms or only a few; a woman who isn't pregnant could have any of these symptoms for different reasons. See an obstetrician for an ultrasound near Brunswick if you think you might be pregnant and are experiencing any of the above symptoms.


Locating a High Risk Obstetrician near Brunswick


If you think you might be pregnant, make an appointment with an obstetrician near Brunswick for an ultrasound and other confirmation of and advice about your pregnancy. A practitioner who can care for you whether your pregnancy turns out to be healthy and low risk or complicated and high risk will ensure you have proper care available to you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. Contact Dr Stephen Cole on (03) 94162802.