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Suite 207, 320 Victoria Parade

East Melbourne, VIC 3002 


My private consulting rooms are located on the ground floor of the Epworth Freemasons Day Procedure and Maternity Centre in East Melbourne.


Getting There

Underground parking is available for a fee. There is also limited on-street metered parking in the area.


The number 12 and 109 trams stop right outside the building, and the number 11 and 30 tram stop is a 5 minute walk away.


The number buses also stop right outside the building.


Train access is via Parliament station, which is a 10 minute walk away

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Obstetrician & Specialist in Maternal-Fetal Medicine


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Dr Stephen Cole – Private Obstetrician in Melbourne

Specialist in Maternal-Fetal Medicine


About Me

I am a private obstetrician practising in Melbourne, Victoria. In my private practice, I care for all pregnant women – from those expecting completely uncomplicated pregnancies, to those with the most challenging medical and obstetric concerns. I also offer my support to women who are trying to become pregnant or only about to begin their journey towards motherhood.


I aim to take a holistic approach towards pregnancy care, recognising that it’s one of the most important, exciting – and often stressful times – in a woman’s life. My calm, gentle manner and patient approach to providing information, alongside my willingness to listen and understand the women I care for ensures that they and their partners or family members feel they are in safe and supportive hands.

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Where I Work

My private consulting rooms are in East Melbourne, and I have admitting rights at the following hospitals:

  • Epworth Freemasons Private Hospital
  • Frances Perry House Private Hospital
  • St Vincent’s Private Hospital
  • The Royal Women’s Hospital


My Obstetrician Services

In my private consulting rooms, I offer a range of obstetrician services and some gynaecologist services to provide the best possible care for your pregnancy. From low risk pregnancy to recurrent miscarriage evaluation and treatment, I’ll endeavour to build and maintain a strong interpersonal relationship with you, so you feel comfortable and supported throughout your experience.


I also work closely with two midwives Charlotte and Amber, who will also be involved in your pregnancy care. Together with my practice manager Katrina, and reception staff Charmayne, Natalie and Eliza, we aim to help you feel comfortable and relaxed, and make your pregnancy journey with us an enjoyable and positive experience. In addition to your visits with me, you will also have some of your visits with the midwives, who will be able to provide additional pregnancy wellness advice, birth planning and breastfeeding support and guidance. Charlotte and Amber will also visit you after your birth, to provide you with additional support – both in hospital and after you get home.


The main obstetrician services I offer include:


Low Risk Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but complications may sometimes develop, even in otherwise healthy women. Most complications can easily be detected with routine prenatal care from a private obstetrician. Myself and my midwives work closely with our patients to ensure you have the best possible care, and feel supported throughout your term.

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High Risk Pregnancy Care

As a specialist in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, I am one of a small group of people in Victoria who has the advanced training and skills to manage the most high risk and complicated pregnancies. For women in this situation, I understand you may have a number of fears about yours and your baby’s health, so I endeavour to build a strong, trusting relationship with you, to help you overcome these concerns. My midwives can also provide invaluable support for you in what are often very stressful pregnancies.

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Multiple Pregnancy Care

Discovering you’re pregnant with twins (or more!) can be incredibly exciting – but it can also be daunting and leave you with feelings of anxiety. These types of pregnancies can come with increased risks, which is why as your private obstetrician, I endeavour to support you and overcome any concerns you may have throughout your term. As someone who has specialised in twins and multiple pregnancy care for almost 20 years, I can provide you with the expertise you need to help you navigate these often very challenging pregnancies.

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Recurrent Miscarriage Evaluation & Treatment

Miscarriage is a very common experience for women trying to conceive – but this doesn’t make it any less traumatic. Recurrent miscarriages are even more distressing, and if you’re experiencing this, you may feel a range of different emotions. I can arrange for all the investigations you require and advise you on the appropriate treatment strategies.

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Maternally Assisted Caesarean Section

As a caring and compassionate obstetrician, I strive to be supportive of women’s choices and feelings related to childbirth. This includes respecting different attitudes and different approaches towards caesarean birth. This means facilitating women to be more actively involved in their caesarean birth, where safe to do so.

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Fetal Surgery & Consultation

Fetal surgery refers to surgery performed on the baby or placenta in the womb, prior to birth. Most commonly used to treat some complications of twin pregnancies, it may also be used to treat some birth defects. I will meet you to discuss the potential role of fetal surgery in your situation, including its feasibility and benefits, and other potential approaches.

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Contact My Rooms to Arrange a Consultation

If you’re ready to start your journey to motherhood, or if you have some questions or concerns about your pregnancy, please feel free to call my practice to arrange an appointment.

Alternatively, you can fill in an online enquiry and a member of my team will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible regarding a consultation.


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