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About Me

I am a specialist obstetrician with over 20 years experience practicing in East Melbourne.  My vision is to provide an exceptional service to families on their pregnancy journey, from before pregnancy through to after birth, no matter what your circumstances, and I am as passionate about this now as I was the day I started.  In addition to my specialist obstetric training I have additional qualifications and experience in Maternal-Fetal Medicine (the management of complex or high risk pregnancies), and obstetric ultrasound, meaning that I can provide the highest level care, no matter how straightforward or complicated your pregnancy may be.

I believe that obstetricians can do more than just manage pregnancies and deliver babies.  In my practice I have tried to create a “Journey to Motherhood” experience, and put my patients at the centre of everything I do.  I have an admin team that will go the extra mile to ensure that everything to do with organising your pregnancy runs smoothly.  I also have midwives and a lactation consultant who work with me as an integrated team to support you during your pregnancy and beyond, including visiting you at home after your birth to help you settle in to your new role as a mother.  I also have specialist pregnancy and pelvic floor physiotherapists working in my rooms.

I am actively engaged in medical leadership, teaching and research.  Details of my experience in these areas, along with my medical education and training, and research publications are included under the Professional Experience tab  and Research tab.

Outside of work, I am a father to four children, who are growing up far too fast! I enjoy the outdoors, most sports, and read widely.  Growing up in Geelong, I am passionate out the Geelong Cats AFL team, but please don’t hold that against me!


Areas of Expertise

I absolutely love looking after all pregnancies, including helping babies into the world at the conclusion of uncomplicated, or low risk pregnancies.  Sharing the joy of a new baby, and being part of that journey is something I never grow tired of.

But my additional training and qualifications in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and ultrasound, along with my years of experience looking after more complicated pregnancies, means that I can provide expert care for even the most complicated or high risk pregnancies.  These include:

  • Multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets and beyond) 
  • Pregnancies after IVF 
  • Pregnancies in older women
  • Pregnancies complicated my medical diseases in the mother, including hypertension, heart diseases, kidney problems, auto-immune conditions such as inflammatory bowel diseases, thyroid conditions, and many others 
  • Pregnancies after a history of preterm birth, still birth, recurrent miscarriage or other complications

I am particularly passionate about supporting women through pregnancy when there has been a history of birth trauma )both physical and emotional), or other traumatic experiences related to pregnancy. I believe that creating a safe and supported environment is crucial to helping women navigate pregnancy after a previously traumatic experience, and have witnessed many times the incredible healing power of a positive pregnancy journey.