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I really want to breastfeed but am struggling and need some help ....

Posted By Olivia Eddington,
11/06/2024 12:22 PM
First of all, let’s talk about guilt. A lot of women feel guilty if they can’t breastfeed or struggle to breastfeed their baby, especially if they really, really want to. Just remember, it is ok to...

About Ultrasound and Making an Obstetrician Appointment

Posted By ,
11/06/2024 12:17 PM
A pregnancy ultrasound is a commonly used test that creates images of the developing baby using high-frequency sound waves. Also called a sonogram, an ultrasound can help your doctor monitor normal fe...

Preparing for your Twin Pregnancy

Posted By Dr Stephen Cole,
11/06/2024 12:14 PM
If you have discovered that you’re pregnant with twins, it can be equally exciting and overwhelming. A twin pregnancy can come with its own health risks - for both you and the babies, which is why...

When Should I Consult a Doctor for My Pregnancy?

Posted By ,
11/06/2024 11:00 AM
How soon should I make a pregnancy appointment? It’s recommended to call a doctor as soon as you receive a positive result on your pregnancy test. Some clinics may be able to fit you in immediately...

Choosing an Obstetrician in Melbourne for High Risk Antenatal Pregnancy Care

Posted By ,
11/06/2024 11:00 AM
Obstetricians offer women’s health services and focus on the management of pregnancy and childbirth. They can also provide high risk pregnancy care and are trained to manage any complications that...

Will you be able to eat or drink during labour?

Posted By Wendy Dalziel,
20/02/2024 17:11 PM
Let’s talk about it ……. Will you be able to eat or drink during labour?  When a person is in labour, it's like they're running a marathon, and you need a lot of energy to run a marathon. Having...

Sometimes it's not always perfect, and that's ok

Posted By Dr Stephen Cole ,
20/02/2024 17:07 PM
Let’s talk about it … sometimes it’s just not always perfect.  Navigating pregnancy and the changes that it brings both physically and emotionally can sometimes be an amazing experience and some...