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About Ultrasound and Making an Obstetrician Appointment

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A pregnancy ultrasound is a commonly used test that creates images of the developing baby using high-frequency sound waves. Also called a sonogram, an ultrasound can help your doctor monitor normal fetal development as well as screen for potential problems. Ultrasounds are usually scheduled at several points during your pregnancy, and may also be required at other times if your pregnancy is more complicated.


Why do pregnant women get ultrasounds?


Ultrasounds are used during pregnancy for a variety of reasons. Your obstetrician in Port Melbourne might order additional ultrasounds if a previous ultrasound or blood test indicated a problem. Ultrasounds are also sometimes used for nonmedical reasons, such as to determine the baby's sex or to produce images of the baby for his or her parents, although these scans are not covered by Medicare, and usually you will have to pay the full cost of any scans done for this purpose.


During the first trimester of pregnancy, you’ll most likely see your obstetrician servicing Port Melbourne for an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy, check your baby's heartbeat, determine how far along you are in your pregnancy and estimate your due date. During this time your obstetrician will also examine your reproductive organs and check for multiple pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies, or anything abnormal about the fetus. Later in pregnancy, ultrasound can be used to monitor the baby’s position and growth, monitor multiple pregnancies, check the placenta for problems, and more.


What can you expect during an ultrasound?


When you arrive for your obstetrician appointment for your scan, you'll lie down on a table or bed. The ultrasound technician or doctor will apply a water-based gel to your abdomen; this gel helps the sound waves travel effectively. The technician then moves a small wand (transducer) over your skin to capture images on the ultrasound screen. He or she will check to be sure the images are clear, then wipe off the gel. That’s it!


About Dr Stephen Cole, Obstetrician in Port Melbourne


Since 2001, I have been providing top-tier obstetric care for women experiencing both low- and high-risk pregnancies. As a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist, I am fully trained to oversee pregnancies and deliveries ranging from completely normal to highly complex. I work with my patients to help them understand their pregnancy and birth choices and provide screening tests (such as ultrasound) during their pregnancies to carefully monitor their health and that of their babies. It is important to me that my patients feel supported and well informed throughout their pregnancies. I am always happy to discuss any questions, thoughts or plans my patients have, to help them achieve not only a safe outcome to their pregnancy, but also a positive and rewarding pregnancy experience.


One area that I focus on is multiple pregnancies, something that's been increasing in frequency in recent years. Not only do I provide excellent medical care for each of my patients, but I also have a warm, caring, and supportive team to help you navigate the nine months ahead. My midwife Charlotte, my practice manager Katrina, and my receptionist Emily are all committed to making your experience of pregnancy as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Give us a call today on (03) 94162802 and let us contribute to making sure your pregnancy and delivery have the best possible outcome – a healthy mother and baby.