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Obstetrics Links & Resources

As part of my commitment to delivering a holistic approach towards pregnancy care, I have  provided the following resources for parents to be. Below, you will find information on a range of topics such as giving birth in Victoria, techniques for helping your new baby settle and information on breastfeeding and common postnatal conditions. If you cannot find information on a particular topic you are looking for please reach out to me or my staff in the rooms. 


General Pregnancy Information

Having a baby is one of the most exciting and transformative events in a person’s life. To help you better prepare for this exciting adventure, we offer the following informational links. Dr Cole is also available to answer questions you may have during your consultation. 

Breast Feeding & Settling

For new parents, adapting to life with children can be difficult. Better understand how you can ensure you and your baby can stay happy and healthy with the following links. 

Help at hand for Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression affects roughly one in five new mothers with children aged 24 months or less, making it one of the most common conditions affecting new parents. Please refer to the below links or speak to Dr Cole if you are concerned about postnatal depression.

Pregnancy Birth and Baby - Australian Government Department of Health
Having a baby in Victoria - Victorian Department of Health
Breast Feeding & Settling Australian Breastfeeding Association
Tressillian Settling Techniques - Sleep Safe for your baby
Pregnancy and Birth - The Australian Parenting Website
Australian Breastfeeding Association Helpful Resources
The Royal Women’s Hospital Breast Feeding Service
Sleep Safe for your baby - Tresillian Settling Techniques
Raising Children - The Australian Parenting Website
The Royal Women's Hospital Breast Feeding Service
Support that is always there for you and your family - PANDA
Where and when to seek help - Blackdog Institute
Parenting and Mental Health - Beyond Blue