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Dr Stephen Cole

Obstetrician & Specialist in Maternal-Fetal Medicine



About Me

I am an obstetrician practicing in Melbourne, Victoria. In addition to standard obstetric training, I also have further specialist training, qualifications and experience in caring for women with the highest risk and most complex pregnancies.
So whether you are anticipating a straightforward pregnancy or come into your pregnancy with concerns about important risks, I am able to provide the expert, personalised care you require.

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Your First Visit

Your first visit is a very important visit for your pregnancy. It is ideal though not essential that both you and your partner attend this visit.
During this visit we will discuss your helath and your pregnancy in depth, I will ble to answer any and all questions or concerns, what to expect and how to be the most prepared and ready for the amazing journey ahead.
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If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to contact us on the following details provided below or alternatively you can complete our online enquiry form also located below and we will get back to you as soon as possible...

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Choosing an Obstetrician in Melbourne at Epworth Freemasons, Frances Perry House, or Royal Women’s Hospital for High Risk Antenatal Pregnancy Care

Obstetricians offer women’s health services and focus on the management of pregnancy and childbirth. They can also provide high risk pregnancy care and are trained to manage any complications that may arise. Someone practicing Maternal-Foetal Medicine (MFM) receives additional training and is qualified to oversee even the most complicated pregnancies (along with normal pregnancies).


If you are looking for an obstetrician to provide your antenatal care in Melbourne, be aware that only seven MFM professionals are practising in private obstetrics in Victoria. Dr. Stephen Cole is a senior consultant and head of one of the four antenatal units at the Royal Women’s Hospital, and he is also head of the Multiple Pregnancy Clinic. He also works as an obstetrician at Epworth Freemasons and is an obstetrician at Frances Perry House.


Services Provided by Obstetricians


Obstetricians receive extensive education and training in not just pregnancy, labour, and birth but also the female reproductive system as well as surgical care. Dr. Stephen Cole, MFM specialist in Melbourne, can provide services including low and high risk pregnancy care, evaluation and treatment of recurrent miscarriages, foetal surgery consultation, and maternal-assisted caesarean section. His particular area is multiple pregnancies. Obstetricians can also provide regular gynaecologic exams, STI treatment, contraceptive counselling, treatment of medical conditions involving the female reproductive system such as endometriosis, diagnosis and treatment of infertility, and more.


As an experienced obstetrician who has cared for many high-risk pregnancies, Dr. Cole understands the importance of good communication and patient education. He will listen and respond to your concerns and act as a trusted partner with you in the care of your health and that of your unborn child. Even pregnancies that begin normally can become complicated, and being under the care of an MFM specialist ensures you are in good hands.


Dr. Stephen Cole: Obstetrician at Royal Women’s Hospital, Frances Perry House, and Epworth Freemasons

If you are looking for an obstetrician at Freemasons or another private hospital in the Melbourne area, contact Dr. Stephen Cole. Dr. Cole is trained to care for women with a range of pregnancies, from normal through the most complex. He is known for his warm and supportive manner and woman-centred philosophy when it comes to childbirth and choices. Dr. Cole believes that choice is an extremely important part of pregnancy and birth, so you can rest assured that your preferences and choices will be respected.


Whether you are planning to become pregnant or have already found out you are expecting, contact Dr. Stephen Cole for an appointment. If you’re looking for an obstetrician that will take the time to address all your concerns, plans, and fears and be supportive of your choices whenever possible, Dr. Cole can help. Whether your pregnancy is completely normal or very high-risk, contact Dr. Cole at (03) 9416 2802 to book an appointment and start receiving the best care possible for yourself and your baby.