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Suite 207, 320 Victoria Parade

East Melbourne, VIC 3002 


My private consulting rooms are located on the ground floor of the Epworth Freemasons Day Procedure and Maternity Centre in East Melbourne.


Getting There

Underground parking is available for a fee. There is also limited on-street metered parking in the area.


The number 12 and 109 trams stop right outside the building, and the number 11 and 30 tram stop is a 5 minute walk away.


The number buses also stop right outside the building.


Train access is via Parliament station, which is a 10 minute walk away

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Dr Stephen Cole

Obstetrician & Specialist in Maternal-Fetal Medicine



About Me

I am an obstetrician practicing in Melbourne, Victoria. In addition to standard obstetric training, I also have further specialist training, qualifications and experience in caring for women with the highest risk and most complex pregnancies.
So whether you are anticipating a straightforward pregnancy or come into your pregnancy with concerns about important risks, I am able to provide the expert, personalised care you require.

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Your First Visit

Your first visit is a very important visit for your pregnancy. It is ideal though not essential that both you and your partner attend this visit.
During this visit we will discuss your helath and your pregnancy in depth, I will ble to answer any and all questions or concerns, what to expect and how to be the most prepared and ready for the amazing journey ahead.
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If you have any questions or enquiries please feel free to contact us on the following details provided below or alternatively you can complete our online enquiry form also located below and we will get back to you as soon as possible...

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(03) 9416 2802

Suite 207, 320 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne



Are you looking for the Best Obstetrician in Melbourne? Tips for Finding a Doctor Who Practices Obstetrics


If you’re thinking of becoming pregnant or have just found out you’re expecting, one of the first things on your to-do list should be finding the best obstetrician in Melbourne to care for you and your baby. If you already see a doctor who practices obstetrics, you may want to ask him or her to provide care during your pregnancy as well. However, if you need to find an obstetrician, there are several ways to go about it. You might ask friends or family members for recommendations, or you might ask your family doctor or another of your healthcare providers to suggest someone.


Midwives and childbirth educators may also have recommendations regarding who they think is the best obstetrician. Alternatively, you can search the web and explore the websites of different obstetricians. Try focussing on obstetricians who practice in Melbourne, but sometimes looking at websites for other obstetricians may also help you work out what you want. Ultimately you need to find an obstetrician in Melbourne that you feel comfortable with.


What Should You Look for in a Melbourne Obstetrician?


What you want in an obstetrician is largely up to you. However, some things you should consider include:


  • Your health history. Do you have any known conditions that make it likely that you might require special care during your pregnancy? If so, you’ll want to find a doctor who specialises in high-risk obstetrics in Melbourne. It’s best to ensure your doctor has experience caring for patients like you.
  • The doctor’s approach to pregnancy care. You can’t predict what kind of interventions your pregnancy and delivery might require, even if your situation (like most) is low risk. Talk to your obstetrician about things such as foetal monitoring, episiotomies, caesarean sections, and anything else you think is important. What are the doctor’s feelings about having a doula or other support people (besides him or herself and/or the midwife) present? Is he or she supportive of natural childbirth, if that’s what you want?
  • Your compatibility with the obstetrician. Ask yourself whether you feel comfortable with the doctor, whether he or she listens to your concerns and communicates important information well, and whether he or she seems to truly care about your individual pregnancy.
  • Where the obstetrician attends births. Ideally, you will be comfortable with the hospital or birthing centre where you’ll give birth.


Dr Stephen Cole, Specialist Obstetrician



Since 2001, I have been an obstetrician in East Melbourne providing care for women with both low and high-risk pregnancies. As an MFM (Maternal-Fetal Medicine) specialist, I see women with a wide range of pregnancy situations. The odds are that your pregnancy will be low risk and go smoothly; however, should complications arise, you can be confident that I am well equipped to handle even the most high-risk pregnancies and unexpected complications. Private hospitals where I work include Epworth Freemasons, Frances Perry House, and St. Vincent’s Private. I strive to provide woman-centred care, and I am supportive of my patients’ choices. Many obstetricians claim to be “high risk” specialists, but only MFM specialists have undergone the training and assessment needed to manage all pregnancies, from the simplest through the most complex. Please contact me with any questions or concerns on (03) 9495 6411 or via my online contact form.