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Will you be able to eat or drink during labour?

Posted By Wendy Dalziel  
17:11 PM

Let’s talk about it ……. Will you be able to eat or drink during labour?

 When a person is in labour, it's like they're running a marathon, and you need a lot of energy to run a marathon. Having calories - glucose, carbohydrates, something to keep you going can be beneficial.  The important thing is eating items that are easy to digest and not heavy. (In other words, labour isn't the time for double cheeseburgers.) Remember labour lives up to its name. It's hard work, and hard work requires fuel. Labouring on empty can make it tough to summon up the strength for those last pushes.

 You might not be hungry at all. But you might be! The only way to move forward is to be prepared. A good guide is to have plenty of snacks or small meals to choose from, so you can pick what you feel like in the moment. I recommend small snacks, energy bars, nuts, crackers, bananas, fresh fruit even a spoon of honey.

For fluid consumption water or ice chips are perfect. You could also opt for a clear broth, soda water or lemonade, and sports drinks (try and choose one that’s not too high in caffeine) Dairy and acidic beverages like juice should be avoided because they can upset your stomach in labour.

The most important thing is to listen to your body, consult constantly with your midwife during labour, tell your support team what you need or speak with Steve.

If you have any questions regarding eating and drinking during your labour, please contact me in the rooms.


Midwife Wendy xx